Experience Fast RDS Success

Treatment Strategies

The benefits of CUROSURF® (poractant alfa) work together to deliver fast RDS success in conventionally treated infants1-4


CUROSURF offers proven success with an early rescue INSURE (Intubate—Surfactant—Rapid Extubation) strategy in cases of CPAP failure5-8


The benefits of CUROSURF may help you succeed in the reduction of surfactant utilization in your NICU3,5,6,9-13

the Way

CUROSURF—the #1 used surfactant in the US and worldwide —continues to keep pace with today's clinical practice14,15

*It is important to note that the INSURE strategy may not be appropriate for all infants. Infants with RDS may vary markedly in the severity of respiratory disease, maturity, and presence of other complications, and thus it is necessary to individualize patient care.

Dosing Information

Download the CUROSURF User's Guide and Dosing Chart.

CUROSURF® (poractant alfa) Intratracheal Suspension is available in sterile, ready-to-use rubber-stoppered clear glass vials containing 1.5 mL [120 mg surfactant (extract)] or 3.0 mL [240 mg surfactant (extract)] of suspension. One vial per container.

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CUROSURF User Guide Video

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CUROSURF® (poractant alfa) User Guide Video

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